It couldn’t be easier to find us, with the most prestigious distributors of home building materials, , including El Sallab , El Mahgoub and ElMazloum stocking our comprehensive range of tiles and sanitary ware. Ceramica Innova products can be found in most areas of Egypt, we are considered to have the best product coverage available.

We understand the dreams of our customers, whether it is a young couple delighting in creating their first home, or a top-notch interior designer tackling a huge project, we have the expertise and experience to help make it a reality. And it doesn’t stop there, our innovative styling and dependable quality has made Ceramica Innova an increasingly popular brand in our rapidly expanding network of dealers throughout Europe, Africa and the Gulf.

Growing demand is not limited to Egypt, our export market is flourishing, Ceramica Innova products should also soon be available in areas as far-flung as Latin America, South Africa and Asia.

“ Find us with the biggest distribution network in Egypt,
  find us in El Sallab – ELMazloum- ElMahgoub and 75
  more outlets all around Egypt.„