Creating Lasting Beauty

Using the gifts of nature, the creative flair of our talented designers, the latest technology

and the skills of our experienced technicians, every step of the production journey is in the hands of people who care.

Who care about the tools they use, the materials that will form a lasting tribute to their passion for what they do, and most of all, the lasting statement their work will make by bringing a special touch to your home or workplace.

Ceramic tiles are baked at very high temperatures, resulting in hard-wearing surfaces. The process includes the formation of body slip, created by blending raw materials such as clay, feldspar, sand, dolomite, and quartz with 30% of water.


After the formation of body slip, the material is put into a spray dryer and heated at a high temperature. This transforms it into powder which contains around 6% moisture. The powder is then sent to presses to form bisque (body) by being compacted into dies through a press that operates at a pressure of several hundred pounds per square foot. The result of the pressure is bisque

The bisque is now heated at high temperature by using natural gas to remove the moisture. The material later travels down to glaze lines where various types of glazes and design elements are applied to the surface before undergoing a 45 - 50 minute firing at a high temperature. This causes the glaze to fuse to the body of the tile. This is the vital process that makes a tile very hard, durable and impact resistant. The high temperature firing creates a high percentage of solid content in the tile as well.

When ready, tile sorting is done by automatic systems with mechanical equipment and tile surface inspection. The result is a controlled product with regard to dimensional regularity, surface appearance, and mechanical and chemical characteristics. Sorted and packed products then proceed to fully automated palletizing machines before being packed and sent to our distributors.

“in Ceramica Innova every step of the production
journey is in the hands of people who care.„